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Planning of the event may be tricky and stressful. Different occasions require different styles of meals and it might be hard to guess what you might need and how much food you have to order.

Babushka Market is happy to help you with that. We will be glad to tailor custom menu for your event, count ideal portion size and listen to all your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are able to accommodate almost every dietary restrictions.

We also can provide full service on site with chefs and servers.

The most common styles of
catering provide by us:

Coctail hour
Coctail hour
Coctail hour
Cocktail hour
Tea party
Coctail hour
Coctail hour
Coctail hour

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organize your
dream event

First bite is always a good start for your meal
Roasted eggplant dip with caramelized onions and bell peppers, finished with zesty garlic and herbs.
Fish platter
Assorted smoked fish (red or white) served with lemon and herbs
Pickled herring
Tender herring fillet lightly pickled with onions and dill, served with boiled potato
Eggplant rolls
Assorted smoked fish (red or white) served with lemon and herbs
Meat platter
Tender herring fillet lightly pickled with onions and dill, served with boiled potato
Charcuterie plate
Assorted smoked fish (red or white) served with lemon and herbs
Chicken liver plate
Mary’s chicken liver cooked to prefection with caramelized onion, serve with rye crisps
Deviled eggs
Half-egrrgs filled with fluffy egg crema and finished with smoky paprika. Add red caviar for extra flavor

Traditional hearty salads or lighter Russian fusion
Classic Russian potato salad with Bologna, potato, carrots, peas, pickle, egg, and signature dressing 
Beet salad
Roasted beets with garlic and honey-garlic aioli
Salad our of cooked potato, beets, carrot, peas, sour cabbage pickle and aromatic sunflower oil
Russian caesar
Crispy Romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, Parmesan cheese, rye croutons and signature dressing with smoked sprats
Herring under the fur
Russian traditional holiday dish – layered potato, herring, carrot, beets, mayo and boiled egg
Babushka salad
Seasonal greens, Manchego cheese, seasonal fruits, toasted almonds, Mayer lemon vinaigrette. 
Huge variety of pastry: meat, vegetarian, sweet
Puff pastry piroshki
Crispy pastry triangles with variety of flavors: chicken, beef, potato, mushroom
Open faced yeast dough pastry with vanilla farmers cheese
Single portion style. Georgian cuisine inspired pastry. Made in puff pastry with Suluguni cheese
Large deep fried pastry from thin dough filled with beef and onion, crispy outside and juice on the inside
Farmers cheese crepes with hint on vanilla
Traditional Uzbek pastry – puff pastry with lamb, onion and touch of cumin
Main dishes
There is no good meal without good main dish
Uzbek lamb plov
Traditional Rice pilaf with lamb, vegetables and garbanzo beans
Chicken tabaka style
Whole bone-in Mary’s Chicken brined and marinated and signature rub, roasted and served with zesty tomato sauce and buttery rice
Chicken cutlets
Traditional Russian comfort food – juicy chicken patty from dark meat, served with buttery rice or buckwheat
Chicken Kiev
Chicken breast stuffed with herb butter and seared in bread crumbs. Served with garlic-thyme sauce and rainbow couscous
Beef stroganoff
Tender braised beef strips in mushroom-cream sauce, served with mashed potato
Small dumplings with choice of bee, beef and port or chicken, cooked and served in broth with sour cream and herbs
Halfmoon dumplings with mushrooms or potato, finished with garlic-cream sauce. absolute bestseller
Crepes with fillings
Thin buttery crepes with choice of chicken, beef, mushrooms or orange duck confit. Served with sour cream
Mashed potato
Regular, garlic or truffle
Roasted potato
Regular or with mushrooms
Buttery rice
Regular or with vegetables
Steamed broccoli with caramelized onions
Buckwheat with mushrooms
Green beans
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